Speaking Opportunity
"Having faced this challenge, as part of Jerry's primary care team nearly all of my life, I am certain a major global triumph in Mental Health is possible. It is real. And it is coming."

Ezio Lucido
Khatera Aslami - 2019 Chair of the California Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission, Antonina Lucido - Jerry's Mother, Jerry Lucido , Ezio Lucido - Jerry's Brother. (August 29th, 2019, Speech at The California State Capitol)

Ezio Lucido - Speaker

Available in 2020 for select Speaking Engagements

  • Learn about Jerry's remarkable journey
  • Harness the universal power of "Compassion"
  • Discover strategies to build community through caregiving and more!

Ezio has spoken at numerous events including NAMI's National Conference in San Francisco and to the State of California Mental Health Oversight and Accountability Commission.

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