The Re-Mind Project
The Re-Mind Project
Inspired by Jerry Lucido's 35-year battle with a life-long diagnosis of early-onset Schizophrenia, The Re-Mind Project encompasses the total health and potential of our well-being.

This is a movement tackling the issues at the heart of Mental Health, driven by the brother's family motto that Compassion Is Genius!
Ensuring Life's Potential
We are taking action to ensure that every person has the rights, opportunities, and support needed to achieve their life's potential.
Founders Story
In the summer of 1985, Jerry Lucido was diagnosed with early-onset Schizophrenia at just 12-years-old. With his life suddenly transformed, the impact of his diagnosis have challenged his and his family's lives forever.

Overnight, his younger brother Ezio, who was just five-years old at the time became Jerry's lifelong caregiver. Along with their mother and family, ensuring Jerry's well-being has been a valuable learning experience for all involved.

Surviving the gravity of their circumstances, risks of homelessness and social-failure, in 1997, Ezio and Jerry quietly created the vision for The Re-Mind Project -- a movement inspired by their desire to help ensure others would not face the same devastating challenges they have.

Having thrived in unprecedented ways among the greater community, Ezio and Jerry invite all to participate in this humble, yet boundless effort.

Jerry Lucido

Defying the odds and every prediction since his childhood diagnosis, Jerry Lucido has lived free and empowered for more than three decades.

Today, he is embraced in his community and contributes to helping others in many ways. It is his selflessness and determination that has manifested into The Re-Mind Project.

Jerry enjoys spending his days at The Re-Mind Project Innovation Center, sharing his purpose and passion with others and listening to rock n'roll music on his vintage cassette Walkman.

"I want to help make sure other kids like me have a better future."

Ezio Lucido

As a caregiver since the age of 5-years-old, Ezio Lucido has lived-experience as Jerry's caregiver spanning more than 3 decades.

Together, Ezio and Jerry have built a successful life in Northern, California. He is the founder and owner of a successful Film and Media company in Jerry's hometown of Vacaville, where Ezio looks after Jerry to this day.

Having overcome significant barriers, the brother's have learned valuable life lessons they hope will help others.

"We are on a mission to improve attitudes and approaches toward mental health. My brother and I founded this effort practically as children, with a mainstay focus on empowering the potential and value of every person. "

Ezio (5 years old) pictured left, with Jerry (12 years old)
Fundamentally reduce the unnecessary suffering unjust bias and discrimination causes a person with Mental Illness.
Support greater understanding of the brain, learn how to better address harmful stigmas and  improve treatments.
Quality of Care
Help shape and achieve parity in healthcare.


Innovating Solutions in Mental Health

The Re-Mind Project is actively developing new approaches to difficult and complex problems. Our Innovation Center is located in Jerry's hometown of Vacaville, California where new ideas, compassion and empowerment become impact.

Developing solutions to:
  • Protect Human Rights
  • Prevent Suicide
  • Achieve greater parity throughout Healthcare
  • Empower Care Systems
  • Reverse Homelessness
  • Support the Potential of Early Life
Khatera Aslami
Mental Health Commissioner of California - Chair
Khatera Aslami has been consumer empowerment manager at Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services since 2012. She was executive director at Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services from 2007 to 2012 and served in multiple positions at the Telecare Corporation Villa Fairmont Mental Health Rehabilitation Center from 2002 to 2007, including director of rehabilitation.Aslami is a founding member of the California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organizations, on the Board of Directors for Sutter Health Sutter Care at Home, and Board President of the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery. Commissioner Aslami represents clients and consumers.
Jesse D. Tamplen
Jesse is a dynamic healthcare leader with recognized experience in nonprofit and academic medical centers. He has successfully improved access, service, quality, and financial performance in hospital and ambulatory healthcare delivery systems and networks. Jesse has a passion for continuous process improvement and creating high-value healthcare for patient and families.