Jerry of Jupiter

JERRY OF JUPITER - Screenplay Released

Screenplay Released

Today we celebrate the release of the screenplay inspired by the actual events of Jerry’s life, "Jerry of Jupiter.”

It is available for all to read and/or download here -- JERRY OF JUPITER

A Mission

In 1997 I promised my big brother that I’d share his story with the world.

In the fall of the year 2000, I wrote the first draft. I was in a homeless spell at the time and grappling with the dangerous conditions that not only led to Jerry’s circumstances but also those of society. There were then, as there are today, some forces that prefer Jerry’s story remain untold. That November I wrote in a notebook under storm clouds at the local parks. It would rain intermittently and wipe away some of the initial ideas. After a few weeks, eventually, the core idea of Jerry of Jupiter came to be. The heart of the story has remained the same since inception and I completed the writing for eternity in August of 2019.

I have felt, since I can remember, the circumstances of 2020 coming. I didn't know when it would manifest or the specifics of it, but I had a conviction of sorts as a consequence of what I witnessed as a child. I foresaw a time that the mind of humanity would arrive at a crossroad unlike any other it has experienced so far.

I have felt, since I can remember, the circumstances of 2020 coming.

Jerry's Wish

From the 1000's of attempts at making the story become a reality, it is my honor and duty to share this now. Jerry Lucido asked me to release his screenplay, understanding the moment we are at in the human story. We don’t know who might read it, but to us, it is a grand accomplishment for him to put this into the ethos.

Ezio and Jerry discussing the story. (2013)

There are many themes in Jerry's life that nearly the entire planet is currently experiencing, in some way, firsthand. We hope that others may, through Jerry, come to know, learn, and question the reality we are in with a healthy curiosity.

If you have ever felt misunderstood, lost or confused, or even out of place on this Earth, this story is for you. If you have a sense that there are new paradigms to explore then we share the same mission. If you believe there are other ideas to improving our world than the choices we have been presented with, and are being pressured to accept,then you are at home here.

Know that the spirit of the greater good is still stronger than its antonym.

Thank You

We are blessed to have made it this far. I am deeply proud of my family for their courage in allowing me to share this. There have been so many incredible and generous people over the years who have had a hand in this effort. The Lucido Family is forever grateful. For all those involved, know that you have done a great service to the world in supporting this mission.

For all those involved, know that you have done a great service to the world in supporting this mission.

Who knows what will come next and of whom Jerry's story might help.

Mama, Papa in the garage reviewing the screenplay (2011)

A New Chapter

"Jerry of Jupiter" belongs to the world now. We go forward today with new tactics and elevated determination.

The commitment that Jerry has had in sticking with me on this promise has kept me going. I have constantly been humbled by Jerry's love for humanity. No doubt, our energy has come from simply knowing that his story is bigger than us. It is in that spirit that I have tried to live my own life. The quest over the last few decades has forced me to dig deep. I have researched, question, traveled near and far, and allowed my mind to be changed while standing firm where it matters.

Ezio at the story development wall (2018)

I have tried my very best to think through everything that we do and share, never settling for less than the best intentions I could imagine at each juncture. Jerry's story is disruptive and challenging. It is a hard one to tell. An uncomfortable story for society to watch and perhaps an even more difficult truth to reconcile. This does, however, present an extraordinary opportunity. In the attempts and failures to fulfill my promise to Jerry (in making his story a film) I have learned much about the human condition. The journey has essentially led me to compile with more fervor, my upcoming book and ideation; a model of my discovery I call "Potentialism." In the same way that it has been an opportunity for me, challenges like this present an opportunity for us all.

I hope that you will enjoy reading Jerry of Jupiter and may Jerry be an inspiration for you, as he has been for me.

December 5, 2020
Ezio Lucido