Engineering Societies

An excerpt on Engineering Societies from the upcoming book, 'Potentialism' by Ezio Lucido.

An excerpt from the upcoming book, Potentialism.

CHAPTER 6: Engineering Societies

Whatever your moral position is on various matters, we all share the dangers of a growing anti-human rights ideology. Some power levers are forcing beliefs upon the world without the people's consent, engineering an enslaved existence through group consciousness. This assault on our minds is a crime against humanity.

This assault on our minds is a crime against humanity.

We are teachable, manipulatable creatures, only as strong as what we know and do not know. Our thoughts can be hacked, often without our awareness. That means our greatest vulnerability is blindly trusting that our minds are entirely secure. You see, the information we give our attention to directly influences our behavior; behavior becomes reality.

In the days ahead, the authenticity of our thinking will be challenged.  Perhaps what is happening in our world today is deeper than we realize. Perhaps it is really a great deception.


Potentialism describes one mechanism of engineering society that I call the A.C.E. Method.

Or Anchor. Censor. Echo.  

A process like this can serve the greatest good. But it can also be used with malicious intent.


Anchors are long-term, recallable memories, programmed through significant experiences. An anchoring event might be the sudden awareness of a deadly global virus, witnessing a murder, extreme civil unrest, or a world on fire. Anchors prepare the mind to trigger specific behaviors in the future.


The human mind is only as free as the options it has. Without alternative information, humanity is left in the dark. Sustained and controlled messaging can lead to a monopoly of conscience that can inevitably push society into grand conflict or submission.


Echoes are short, frequently repeated signals that feed a primary way our neural networks grow. They stimulate the hardwiring of our thoughts so significantly
that echoes develop our sense of knowing.

These signals are brief social media posts, short advertisements, lines in movies, lyrics in songs and so on.

A control ideology embodies a force-first approach to problem solving rather than an opportunity-first approach.


Step 1) Intentionally cause an Anchor event that promotes a control ideology.
Step 2) Prevent the public from discovering that the Anchor event was intentional.
Step 3) Aggressively Echo the control ideology represented by the Anchor event.

The Anchor event is constantly referred back to in the mind of the public. Without an opportunity to realize it was a manufactured event, Echoes become exponentially effective at shaping beliefs and culture. The people then fight to achieve the control measures needed to correct the problem presented by the Anchor event.


With a prescribed combination, like Anchor, Censor, Echo - a group consciousness can become so far removed from self-control that a people might willingly enslave themselves.

  • How certain are you that your thoughts are entirely your own?
  • Are all of the anchoring events in your memory accidental?
  • Are you being censored against your will?
  • Are there echoes working in overdrive to hardwire your beliefs?
  • And are you sure that your next action is the one that you want to take?

By recognizing that our minds can be used against us, we can begin to liberate ourselves from the control of a few. Echo this, and let's reclaim the future through ARevolution of Mind.

November 19, 2020
Ezio Lucido