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Based on a True Story

A feature film based on the true events of Jerry's life, the 23 year, ongoing effort to realize this motion picture is a demonstration of human potential and the power of a community fueled by compassion.
It was in November of 1997 that Ezio promised Jerry they'd one day tell his story as an important film event. 2020 brings the next, exciting chapter in the journey as we look forward to sharing this effort with the world.

1st Act Synopsis

In 1985, JERRY LUCIDO was 12-years-old and full of wonderment. His curiosity would lead him to seek out the mysteries of the cosmos. JERRY would find an affinity in how Jupiter's gravity makes our world possible.

When he expressed grave concerns for the future of the Earth, a psychiatrist determined that JERRY was experiencing symptoms of Schizophrenia.

When Jerry's mother (MAMA) and father disagreed with one another over the need for JERRY to receive treatment, ultimately Mama would forcibly bring JERRY home from the hospital "Against Medical Advice."

35 years later, having survived with a dependency on his younger brother, EDWARD and MAMA , JERRY tries to come to terms with the consequences of his life-debilitating diagnosis.

With the news that his days on Earth may be numbered, JERRY embarks on a final mission to fantastically share the meaning of Jupiter with others, in hopes of saving the world.

Dedicated to:
Jerry Lucido
Adam & Zachary Burke
Dennis Martindale
Written by:
Ezio Lucido
$2 Million
Log Line
When Jerry's childhood diagnosis of Schizophrenia challenges his very existence, he embarks on a life-long mission to share the meaning of Jupiter with others in hopes of saving the world.
100 minute Drama (based on a true story)
1985 and Present Day

The Power of Story

Join us in telling this untold, true story that can help decrease the devastating consequences personal blame can have on people suffering from mental illness.

'In 1999, The Surgeon General reported that people with serious Mental Health conditions, like Jerry Lucido, are dying 30 years younger in the USA than in 3rd world countries, due to the effects of stigma and discrimination.'

Jerry and his family have defied the odds and now want to share this journey with you in hopes of helping millions of people, better reach for their potential.  Together, with this film project, we can demonstrate the value of family and peer support and inspire a shared-accountability for our collective Mental Health.


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EZIO LUCIDO - Writer/Director/Producer

Ezio Lucido heads a boutique production and media company, Luminous Media Group in Northern, California.  He has directed and produced a variety of projects, from music videos to award winning documentaries, including multiple videos for metal group Papa Roach.

Ezio founded his company from the garage of their home in 1997 with the core intention of fulfilling his promise to Jerry to share his story. Since then, he has spent more than 25,000 hours in the actual writing process of Jerry of Jupiter, while living the evolving story of he and his brother.
In 2001, Ezio was temporarily homeless at the time from challenges stemming from Jerry's diagnosis. It was then that he wrote the first draft of the film, merging together Jerry's inspiring heart with the adversity of their experience.

Over-the-years, Ezio has continued development of the screenplay as new truths have been discovered and life-changing events occurred.

Today, the screenplay will come to life with the help of millions of people banding together to make it possible.

This is how it was always meant to be.

“I’ve personally invested more than 25,000 hours into writing and developing this story...
For a lot of reasons, but mostly because it's too important to get wrong.”

Adam Burke

Producer in Memorium
"The day this story happens, the world immediately becomes a better place."
Adam joined the effort in 2013 and was a dedicated partner until his passing in late 2018. His support of Jerry of Jupiter and the mission of The Re-Mind Project has made a lasting impact. His contributions and influence are forever-lived in the screenplay and in the spirit of the forthcoming film.

- Ezio Lucido

Jason Johnson
Rick Martindale

Ezio Lucido
Adam Burke