About Us

A Revolution of Mind.

The Re-Mind Project is a movement inspired by Jerry Lucido's 35-year battle with a diagnosis of early-onset Schizophrenia when he was just 12-years-old.

The Re-Mind Project is self-supported and led by Jerry's younger brother and caregiver, Ezio Lucido. Through their plight and struggle with social systems, early in life, the brothers realized the need to offer alternative approaches to national and global challenges arising from social injustices.

Encompassing the total health and potential of our well-being, the project builds upon decades of people-first approaches to every core aspect of society.

This initiative aims to provide solutions that truly bring people together around our most important values, working toward a common future through shared empowerment, understanding and reform.

Join our growing movement and be part of building a world for all.
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Ezio Lucido (left) and Jerry Lucido (right) at home days after freeing Jerry from institutional oppression in 1985.
In the summer of 1985, Jerry Lucido was diagnosed with early-onset Schizophrenia at just 12-years-old. With his life suddenly transformed, the impact of his diagnosis have challenged his and his family's lives forever.

Overnight, his younger brother Ezio Lucido, who was just five-years old at the time became Jerry's lifelong caregiver. Since then, along with their mother and with family and community support, ensuring Jerry's well-being has been a valuable learning experience for all involved.

Surviving the gravity of their circumstances, institutional oppression, spells of homelessness and social-failure -- in 1997, Ezio and Jerry quietly created the vision for The Re-Mind Project -- with the desire to help ensure others would not face the same devastating challenges they have.

Working to develop new approaches to addressing social injustices for more than two decades, today, Ezio and Jerry invite all to participate in this humble, yet boundless effort.

Jerry Lucido

Defying the odds and every prediction since his childhood diagnosis, Jerry Lucido has lived free and empowered for more than three decades. Despite losing his civil rights at just 12-years-old to his early-onset diagnosis of Schizophrenia, Jerry has been a champion for the people.

Today, he is embraced in his community and contributes to helping others in many ways. It is his selflessness and determination that has manifested into The Re-Mind Project.

Jerry enjoys spending his days advising his brother Ezio, sharing his purpose , experience and passion with others and listening to rock n'roll music on his vintage cassette Walkman.

His favorite all-time band is Scorpion.

Ezio Lucido

Since the age of 5-years-old, Ezio Lucido has been Jerry's caregiver. At just 9-years-of-age having already faced incredible adversity together with Jerry and his family, Ezio realized innovation to fundamental social approaches were vital for our world.

Living through that lens, at 17, Ezio made a pact with Jerry that they would together, share Jerry's lived experiences with others and focus on solutions for positive, cultural and systemic reform. It was then that the vision for Jerry's motion picture screenplay was born. Together, they would spend the next decades working to bring Jerry's story to life as a realized film.

During that time, as a writer, director, producer - Ezio created content with more than 200 million video views online, while leading a successful film and media company for 23 years -- A business model catered to Jerry's care that allowed for both making a living, and living for a purpose. Two things vital to Jerry's success.

June 26th, 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of Jerry's family freeing him from institutional oppression. On this day, given the rapidly changing circumstances of our collective reality and importance to all of Jerry's truth, the brothers intend to release Jerry's screenplay to the world, 'Jerry of Jupiter.'

In 2020, Ezio  committed to The Re-Mind Project movement full time. Later this year, he will release his first book outlining the social model he and his family have been developing throughout their journey -- in hopes of empowering others with a vision for mutual peace and prosperity that all can get behind.

A Revolution of Mind is our's for the making.