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The brain is a system and the world is a brain.

We are the neurons that make it sane.
Ezio Lucido

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How A Revolution of Mind Can Save Us

'POTENTIALISM' is a works 25 years in the making. It shares the evidence and insights, experiences and circumstances surrounding Jerry's journey as told by his younger brother and author, Ezio.

The term 'Potentialism', a term coined by author Ezio Lucido is the social-system model he has developed over the past few decades.

From a nearly lifelong focus on offering possible improved approaches to consequences that arise from social injustices, Potentialism offers a different approach to not only overcoming our challenges, but shaping the future world how we tryly want it.

Like the screenplay, 'Jerry of Jupiter', Ezio and Jerry have worked together, in a unique manner to bring this text forward.

Jerry, Mama and Ezio - June 1985
''From the onset of our adversity, I have felt a strong responsibility to address the underlying forces that contribute to the outcomes of our world.

When my older brother Jerry suffered an injustice that crosses boundaries, our collective mission to improve matters became more important than us as individuals.

Jerry and our experiences have informed and inspired our journey since 1985. As a duty to the well-being of every person, I am obligated to share what we have learned.

'Potentialism' is a paradigm that I hope can be an effective and beneficial way forward for all people.

-- Ezio Lucido.