The Re-Mind Project is a global platform partnering with health systems, corporations,
major brands, other foundations, and state and federal agencies to improve population health outcomes.

The Project aims to advance Mental Health treatments and the efficacy of diagnosis through elevating
science, culture and standards of care.
Driven from the principle that ‘Compassion Is Genius’ , Re-Mind is a movement inspired by the life experiences of Jerry Lucido and his family, who since Jerry’s childhood have battled the impact of Jerry’s early-onset schizophrenia diagnosis.
End Mental Health Stigma and Discrimination
Mental health stigma and discrimination are killing 13.6 million Americans with a serious mental illness 25 years earlier than the average population from preventable health conditions.
Jerry and Ezio Lucido


June 14th, 1985, JERRY is a healthy 12-Year-Old boy with dreams of becoming the greatest astronaut who ever lived.

When JERRY’S behavior is misunderstood, his father, PAPA takes Jerry to see a doctor of the “brain.”  

The next day, JERRY’S mother, MAMA and younger brother EDWARD find him, restrained in a straitjacket.  JERRY’S hopes of reaching the stars are lost to a devastating mental health diagnosis.

30 years later, with a dependency on his younger brother, EDWARD, JERRY battles himself, society and the past to try and rise beyond his diagnosis.

When JERRY’S behavior once-again becomes at risk, his future is threatened.  In an attempt to save himself, JERRY fabricates a fantastical mission that he insists EDWARD and MANKIND (you) help him with or he’ll have to go to Jupiter.