Luminous Pictures is committed to developing and producing socially conscious
motion pictures and narrative media that appeal to a mass audience.

For every film we make, we carefully pair it with a social cause and match it
with charitable partners through which we can serve.

Believing that every human has value, we find the greatest joy in helping the next person.
Luminous Records, started by Jacoby Shaddix and Ezio Lucido,
is a movement focused record company.

Understanding that for some music is crucial to their survival,
Luminous Records is committed to producing music that will speak to the masses.

EZIO LUCIDO - writer/director/producer

Ezio Lucido heads his own production and marketing company Luminous media group in Vacaville, California where he also lives.  He has directed and/or produced a wide variety of projects, from music videos to documentaries, including multiple videos for metal group Papa Roach, each of which has been viewed by tens of millions of fans.